Rail Europe Review

Rail Europe’s customer service is horrible. They made a mistake when I purchased a rail pass. Getting them to correct their mistake was hell. I would spend hours trying reach them by phone, only to find the customer service representative lacked the ability to do anything. They wanted to charge me to correct their mistake! When I refused that option, they directed me to contact their real customer service via the form on their website. Finally, I was required to mail back my passes to have them reissued at my expense, and they consumed my protection plan for fixing their mistake. When I requested a refund for my UPS fees, they requested a receipt, which I provided the same day. 53 days later, they mailed me an empty email with an attached invoice for $1,142. What a joke. I responded the same day via the form on their website. 14 days later, they asked me for my receipt again, which I provided again. I have heard nothing from them since. Their customer service is the worst. I would never deal with again. Go with Eurail instead.

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