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I have rented four apartments in Paris over the years, and my worst experience has been with Paris Attitude. They basically have no function except to run a website and collect your money. When there is a problem, they are useless. Whether you have a good experience or terrible depends completely on the apartment owner (which explains the diversity of reviews at Yelp). Paris Attitude will do nothing to help you in dealing with a bad owner. We emailed and submitted requests on their website many times without getting any response. Once we were able to contact someone, she was unable to do anything to fix the problems.

Paris Attitude does solicit a review of apartments after your stay, and there is a place on their apartment pages to display those reviews, but six weeks after we checked-out of the apartment, their webpage still says This apartment has not been reviewed by our tenants yet. Be the first to do so by staying there ! This is a lie. You cannot trust their reviews.

If, despite this warning, you decide to use Paris Attitude, I at least suggest you avoid the apartment at 11 Rue Magellan 75008 Paris, described on their website as Furnished Apartment rental 1 Bedroom - 47m2 – Champs Elysees – Triangle d’Or – Paris, or a landlord going by the name William Ramoino or Sonia Ramoino.

Our trip was ruined by the failures of Paris Attitude; don’t ruin yours.

Update: When we complained to Paris Attitude that we had not received our deposit back 7 days after check-out, as required by the contract, they did not bother to reply, either to email or the inquiry made on their website. That is how their customer service operates. We found out later that Paris Attitude knew about Sonia Ramoino’s intent to make illegal and questionable deposit deductions 18 days after check-out, but they never told us (we found out directly from Sonia Ramoino much later). Paris Attitude can't even be trusted to forward important email. We also found out from the Paris government that the apartment was not properly registered for tourist rentals, and so Paris Attitude is acting as an agent to landlords operating illegally.

Update #2: I notice that Paris Attitude has now posted a five-star review of 11 Rue Magellan 75008 Paris on their website. They have not posted the review I submitted five days after check-out, but they did post a review dated 39 after ours. By only posting postive reviews, they prove that their reviews cannot be trusted.

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