Earl Killian’s Privacy Policy

By sending mail to any of our residence addresses, you accept the terms and conditions contained herein.

“We”, “Us”, and “Our” refer to Earl Killian. “You” and “Your” refer to the company and/or individual sending postal mail to any of our residences.

You agree to pay us US$5000 for each violation of this policy!

You agree not to to solicit purchases, rentals, services, investments, donations, or otherwise initiate a new business transaction via post. Appearance of our addresses on, without limitation, the World Wide Web, directories, public records, customer profiles, warranty or product registration statements, checks, or identification cards does *NOT* constitute solicitation of such mail. Only mail for personal reasons, or in response to our written or verbal request, or to further an existing business transaction are permitted.

You agree that mail sent to our residences becomes our property, except by our prior written agreement. It may be used by us in any manner we choose.

You agree not to sell, offer to sell, transfer, exchange, license, list, or otherwise use our phone numbers, residence addresses, email addresses, or other personal information about us for commercial purposes.

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