Saturday Night Live’s Censored Song

Here is the song that was removed from the re-airing of a Saturday Night Live show from March. Most likely, NBC’s owner, the $80B GE corporation, didn’t like the truth being told on its own network. I typed this in from my printed copy of the The Nation.

      Schoolroom Rocky’s back on the block
      With Conspiracy Theory Rock

      It’s a media-opoly.  A media-opoly.
      The whole media’s controlled by a few corporations.
      Thanks to deregulation by the FCC.

      You mean Disney, Fox, Westinghouse and good ol' GE?
      They own networks from CBS to CNBC.
      They can use them to say whatever they please
      And put down the opinions of anyone who disagrees.

      Or stuff about PCBs.
      What are PCBs?
      They come from electric power plants built by Westinghouse
	and GE.
      They can give you lots of cancer
      That can hurt your body
      But on network TV
      You’ll rarely hear anything bad about the nuclear industry
      Like when Westinghouse was sued for fraud?
      Which time?
      When GE made defective bolts it was an unreported crime
      Or when it was boycotted for operating nuclear bomb plants
	just to squeeze a dime...

      But the bigshots don’t care.
      They’re all sitting pretty thanks to corporate welfare.
      What’s that now?
      They get billions in subsidies from the government.
      It’s supposed to create jobs but that’s not how it’s spent.
      They use PACs and soft money to support Congressmen
      Who will vote for weapons programs again and again
      And let them dump toxic waste where the young ones play.

      I hear GE made the bullets that shot JFK.

      You contribute to this chain
      Every time you buy a product
      Sponsored on this show.
      That’s what NBC doesn’t want you to know.

      So next time—
      ["Please stand by" logo appears]
      "Please stand by"
      "Please stand by"
      It means there’s technical difficulty
      So if you see
      A “Please Stand By”
      You’ll know it’s all part of GE’s big lie...

It’s rare to hear such things on the networks, so it’s not surprising to see it censored. A recent movie, Warren Beatty’s Bulworth, also offers similar wisdom in the form of rap songs.

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